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What To Say When Asked Why You Left Your Previous Job

Generally speaking, people leave their jobs for professional reasons (looking for better employment, or for a company which is growing better) or personal ones (long commute, clash with studying, family reasons). Or it could also be for reasons you prefer to keep to yourself, such as that you hate your current job, the work atmosphere, or your superiors. No matter what the reason is, what matters most is the construction of your answer and not even the answer itself.

Below are samples of common reasons people give at an interview for leaving their job. However, we have helped you outline better way(s) of answering questions with such reasons.


#1 Common reason: “I didn’t like my job or boss”

Better construction: “I desire a workplace that will give me room for efficiency improvemets”


#2 Common reason: “The targets set at work were not realistic and hard to achieve”

Better construction: “I am looking for new and better challenges at work”


#3 Common reason: “I was fired”

Better construction: “I was made redundant” or “The company company was restructuring”


#4 Common reason: “I lacked family support”

Better construction: “I need to be able to take better care of my family”


#5 Common reason: “My job was boring and I grew sick of it”

Better construction: “I am looking for better career prospects, professional growth and work opportunities” or “I want a change in career direction”


#6 Common reason: “The company turned out be disappointing”

Better construction: “My job duties have been reduced” or “My job has been outsourced”


Remember, you have to keep the reason for leaving consistent during both the exit interview at your old workplace and the job interview at your new one. This way, your new employer will have no misgivings about you after performing a background check.

We hope you found the interview tips helpful and please don’t hesitate to air your comment in the box below. Good luck at your interview!!





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